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5 Ways to Use Home Automation In Your Busy Life

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Many homeowners are under the false opinion that home security systems are an incredible burden upon a busy lifestyle, but when you learn about home automation systems you’ll be singing a different tune! Whether you have errands to run all day, pets and children and spouses to care for, a career to balance with passions and hobbies, you are one among millions in America living the life. What that all really means is, there is A LOT to balance in life and remembering little things that need repairing, upgrading, installing, refilling, or even things that simply need to be turned on can bog a body down. The good news is there are technologies that really can begin to lighten the load and empower you to manage better the load you carry while protecting your family, your property and yourself. Home automation is the process of integrating a computer control interface with your various home systems resulting in a “smart home” that makes life convenient and easy to control. Here are five ways that home automation is proving it is the godsend of technology for busy homeowners!

1.     Eliminate Absent-minded Worries With Remote Access

When your plate is overflowing with things to do and remember often simply turning on the security system is the last thing on the list, which means it’s the first to be abandoned. Home automation systems are first and foremost security system automation programs, making the control panel for your security system your phone. With home automation you don’t have to live with the worry of forgetting to lock a door or turn on the security system, you can do it from your phone. You can do it from anywhere! Turn off the lights, turn off the TV, lock the doors, this is all possible with home automation.

2.     Keep and Eye On Home With Remote Monitoring

The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305Remote monitoring is the incredible concept of the eye in the sky or the fly on the wall, being able to see what you need to see without being there. Home security systems often employ multiple surveillance cameras to film the exterior entrances to the home, but with home automation you can turn those cameras inside and keep an eye on the things you really care about. Check in on the kids as they play with the babysitter, or make sure everything is all right as they get home from school. If you have a pet that’s at home alone all day you can always check in to see that it’s okay.

3.     Better Home Management

You can enjoy better home management abilities with the help of a home automation system. Simply turning on and off the lights, making sure the fans are off or the AC on so that everyone is comfortable when you get home, this is all possible from the phone. With home automation you can manage utilities, utilize less electricity, optimize home comfort settings.

4.     Keyless Control and Convenience

What if a friend comes to town for an unexpected visit, or your parents drop by, or someone needs to pick up the flyers for the activity later? Leaving your home unlocked is never a great idea, but with home automation you don’t need to! With a text or call from the party dropping by you can simply unlock the door and unarm the system when they arrive. This keyless control means that you never have to worry about someone forgetting the house key because you’ll always have the means to unlock the door and get in.

5.     Better Security

And finally, the entire reason homeowners are converting over to home automation anyway—SECURITY! The point is to make your life and protection more convenient. With security system integration and smart devices your home can literally keep an eye on things FOR YOU, and alert you to any problems with an email or text! You can react when it’s important and ignore false alarms and overall you can make sure your home is protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Now someone give me one reason home security isn’t a good idea!