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Building A Home Security System

Planificacion security systems 174481579When it comes to security system design the questions can start to overwhelm you really quickly. Where do you begin when creating your plan? What are the parameters that you consider as the basis for good security? How much research have you done and in what way do you intend to approach each of the vulnerabilities in your home? How many cameras do you need? How many motion detectors? How many questions is too many? Before you drown in security questions and decide not to bother with it let us give you hope that security isn’t so difficult! When it comes to great security systems and home protection you don’t have to let everything be about specifications of devices and accuracy of products. As a matter of fact quite often the most important thing you can do in building a home security system is creating an environment of security for the system to be placed in. Let the experts help you devise the proper layout of devices, instead focus on building a home security system from the ground up—or from the yard as it may be.

Natural Security

Home security really begins with natural security methods, such as protection in the form of good maintenance and well-designed property layout. If you create a place where burglars will fell uncomfortable and like you are always watching them they will avoid your property like the plague.  Simply start with good property habits.

Keep the trees trimmed and the bushes cut back and away from the windowsills. With these things in well-mannered fashion you should be able to see all the way to the street, or to your property line. This is what creates a natural surveillance that allows you to keep an eye on your property and naturally keep thieves at bay. Keeping the grass cut low communicates that you pay attention, you’re disciplined and that this is your territory. If toys are never left out, tools are always put away, and your property looks spic and span, you’re very likely the worst target for any crook.

Physical Security

The next layer that you should not overlook in your journey to get fantastic security is that of physical security. Nothing keeps a burglar out quite as well as a commercial grade deadbolt on a solid core door.IMG_0231_2 While scaring a criminal off the property is the method that electronic security devices utilize, the only element that will actually PREVENT break-ins from happening is good physical security. Make sure that screens on windows and doors are always in good repair and that burnt out light bulbs are quickly replaced. Put a dowel or door bar into a sliding door track to stop the door and consider double locks on windows so if they are open for ventilation they cannot be opened any farther.

If you get your natural security and your physical security in good order then integrating high quality professional monitoring and surveillance is like the frosting on the cake! Cameras over the doors, glass break sensors on the windows and motion detectors around the entrances of the home. There’s nothing better than layered security and it’s EASY to do properly! So before you run away from security, just consider beginning with the security you have and let the experts add on the rest of your protection.