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The Mistakes We Make With Our Security Systems

Human beings are quite ridiculous in so many of the counter-intuitive choices that we make about life, including but not limited to our home security system habits. Whether you live in small-town Kansas or LA itself you’re part of a community and that community includes thieves, burglars, and larcenists and that means that unless you’re smart with your security you do things that put you and your family at risk every day.

78366512Whatever the reasons, when homeowners choose to get a security system it is with the intent to protect our families, our property, and ourselves. The problem is that after only a few months, perhaps a year, our security habits fall out of practice again simply because we do not see the immediate threat and security is inconvenient. It is then that disaster strikes. It is so important to make wise decisions with your security, to find a company you trust and then to BREAK BAD SECURITY HABITS so that your security system can actually keep you safe! If you don’t believe that you put yourself at risk with bad security habits consider these all too common mistakes made by homeowners on a regular basis.

1.     Vacation Blunders

How many security mistakes can you make when you’re on your way out the door for a vacation? Here’s just a few of the most common ones: forgetting to put the lights on timers so that the house looks occupied; failing to put the newspaper and mail on hold while you’re gone so they don’t pile up; and the worst one of all—PUBLICIZING YOUR DEPARTURE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! You don’t want to let the world know your plans, keep your home safe and tell everyone how vacation was when you get back.

2.     Leaving A Hole in the System

Many of us like ventilation during the day so we open windows or screen doors and then forget to close them. Many mothers don’t want their kids locked out so they leave the back door open. Or for others of us convenience is a must so the control panel gets placed in clear view of the front window. Each one of these choices creates a hole in your security system that burglars will find and take advantage of.

3.     The Sticky Note Invitation

Wooden Front Door 156443918Ever written one of these: “Sorry, I stepped out! Come on in!” “Make yourself at home I’ll be right back.” Or my favorite, “Door is unlocked, glad you’re here!” How friendly, how helpful and inviting, and how simply ridiculous are notes like this? This literally defeats the purpose of paying for security at all! Never, never leave a note for anyone to see or you can be sure they’ll come right in and make you regret the invitation.

4.     Failing to Turn On Your Security System

The worst thing you can ever do for your security is never turn on the system. If you’ve paid for the service and you never use it then you’re just wasting money. Realize that a burglar only needs 5 minutes to get into your house and out of your house with thousands of dollars worth of goods. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or how long you’re going to be gone, protect yourself, ARM YOUR SYSTEM!